Eliminate Unplanned Pump De-ragging with JWC’s New Wipes Ready Muffin Monsters!

JWC’s new Wipes Ready Muffin Monster grinders shred wipes and rags down so your pumps can do what they do best-pump!

No other solution comes close to eliminating wipes related downtime, unplanned maintenance and safety risks.

Check out this JWC_Wipes-Ready Brochure and contact your HPT salesperson for more information.

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MPE PMR2 Pump Monitor Relay

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HPT now represents Tank Connection

The Henry P. Thompson Company is excited to announce our representation of Tank Connection in Indiana, Kentucky, and Southern Ohio.

Tank Connection supplies and installs the #1 bolted storage tank available for municipal water storage applications. Their LIQ Fusion 7000 FBE™ coating system is a stronger system than porcelain enamel (glass) and is superior to all field applied coating systems.

With over 2,100 years of combined experience in storage applications, Tank Connection stands along as a global leader in potable water storage.

TC’s field construction processes are rated top in the industry. They use a synchronized jacking process that allows potable water tanks to be built from grade level. This process receives the highest ratings for point quality control and safety in the field.

Tank Connection

Learn more by contacting your Henry P. Thompson sales engineer who will explain the advantages of Tank Connection or visit http://www.tankconnection.com.

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HPT now represents OneWater

The Henry P. Thompson Company is pleased to announce it has been named as OneWater’s Authorized Representative in Indiana, Kentucky and Southern Ohio for the revolutionary Algaewheel treatment system.

Algaewheel is an advanced algal attached growth technology that provides a truly sustainable treatment solution for decentralized applications.





Ten years in development, Algaewheel’s modular system is low cost, low energy and easy to operate; providing treatment to best available standards for facilities in the 0.01 – 0.5 MGD range.












Learn more about this step change technology by contacting your Henry P. Thompson sales engineer who will explain the advantages of Algaewheel.




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MultiSensor Provides Watershed Protection






MultiSensor Systems has recently introduced two new instruments to the market for improving early warning systems of impending water quality problems.  The sensors continuously monitor VOC’s and THM’s without the use of reagents or consumables while sending output values every 20 minutes.

MultiSensor web-site


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Wilo Guaranteed Product Shipment

Wilo offers guaranteed pump shipment in 10 Days or Less!

Learn more here!

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Centrisys’ Centrifuge Energy Recovery System (CERS)

Centrisys’ Centrifuge Energy Recovery System (CERS) found on the Viscotherm Hydraulic Scroll  Drive used on Centrisys’ Centrifuges maximizes recovered energy and is similar to the “CERS” system used in Formula One race cars.  It is one reason cities, such as Wards Island NY; Denver CO; Fresno CA and Austin TX have chosen Centrisys for their dewatering needs.

Centrisys/Viscotherm Scroll Drive System is the most efficient drive in the industry-click here to learn more information.

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HPT to sell Robuschi’s ROBOX evolution integrated compression unit

The ROBOX blower sizes range from 140 – 6000 scfm at pressures up to  15 psig. 

The ROBOX evolution offers these innovative Features :
-adjustment of Inlet Filter to optimize noise reduction
-ability to check oil level from the outside enclosure
-easy oil change with two pipes accessible through the front panel
-emitted sound is 7 dB(A) lower than previous series

ROBOX Evolution data sheet

To learn more about Robushi’s blowers, view their brochure here.


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Ovivo’s Aerostrip Fine Bubble Aeration System Offers High Efficiency & Quick ROI vs other fine bubble systems

The unique, flexible polyurethane strip design of AEROSTRIP diffusers provides high efficiency with 20 – 40% higher SOTE than standard 9” discs. Ovivo’s Aerostrip fine bubble diffusers have a proven service life of more than 15 years. The 11 year old diffusers at Bremerton, WA have been field tested at Higher SOTE  than most new disc systems. View the test results here.

To learn more, Click here to view the brochure.

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Focus on Grit Removal Systems

The focus on effective grit removal is getting a lot more intense lately. Grit has become a hot topic. Last year, an all day Grit Workshop was held at WEFTEC. There were eight grit related papers presented including six addressing “A Focus on Grit Removal and Handling Strategies”. Of particular interest are settling characteristics and removal efficiencies of various technologies. The performance of historical, conventional mechanically induced vortex (MIV) units was questioned. The HeadCell was shown to outperform MIV systems. Contact us for a more detailed summary of this year’s papers.

We’d like to think the focus on grit has something to do with Hydro’s growing installation base of highly effective grit removal systems and satisfied customers throughout the United States. Right here in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio are more than twenty Hydro grit removal systems in operation. Until now, most design engineers and plants did not have accurate reference data to use in effective grit system design, but they do now.. Hydro International now has available national and regional grit gradation data which is the result of more than 120 tests across North America. The data includes valuable average physical sizes as well as information on settling velocity (SES), making it the most comprehensive information available on grit and its behavior. We welcome the opportunity to share this valuable data with you. Contact us for specific gradation information. (Click here for gradation flyer)


Also from Hydro International:

A Product Spotlight – Hydro Vortex Drop™ Shaft

The Hydro Vortex Drop™ Shaft is a self-activating system with no moving parts that quietly and safely drops flow (water, stormwater or wastewater) from virtually any height. It offers improved flow characteristics, significant cost savings and better odor, corrosion and erosion control when compared to conventional drop systems.

-No flow is too big or small
-Efficient Flow Control
-Erosion reduction
-Odor/Corrosion control
-Flexible design
-All stainless construction

The Hydro Vortex Drop™ Shaft can be retrofit into an existing chamber and its integrated access and small pipe sizes reduce excavation cost, shaft diameters and the need for a separate access shaft. The system also benefits from a compact and simple to construct inlet chamber with no complicated curves or benching required. With its unique operation and powerful mixing on the outlet of the system, the dissolution of gases into the liquid rather than releasing it into the chamber or atmosphere eliminates odors and corrosion problems based on high H2S concentrations. Learn more.


Source: Hydro International

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