Cerlic Portable Blanket Monitor

Download PDF:: Cerlic Portable Blanket Monitor

This handheld unit is a portable optical meter designed to measure sludge blanket depth and suspended solids in clarifiers, thickeners, aeration basins, etc. in water and wastewater plants, as well in other facilities.  It is possible to display measured values as text or as a graphic image of the sludge profile. Two different alarm levels for the sludge blanket may be set to indicate fluff and sludge blanket levels.  These may be displayed next to the graphic sludge profile.  The Blanket Tracker is able to store up to 250 measurements as a graphic profile, each with information about time, date, location, that may be named by the user (maximum 10 characters e.g. Clarifier 2; Thickener 5, etc).  Each profile also contains data about blanket and fluff depths that applied for the specific measurement.  The Blanket Tracker is delivered in a practical briefcase.  Battery life is approximately 2-3 years at normal use.

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