Booneville, Indiana Selects Storm King for CSO Treatment

Download PDF:: Hydro International Storm King with Swirl Cleanse Advanced Vortex Separator with Self Cleansing Non Powered Screen

Booneville, Indiana has selected Hydro International’s Storm King with Swirl Cleanse to provide treatment at their two CSO sites.  Midwestern Engineers announced that a Notice to Proceed for construction has been given to Peyronnin Construction Company for the North and South CSO sites in Booneville.  Operation is scheduled to begin by the end of 2011.

Each site will comprise of a 44-ft diameter Storm King that will receive flows from existing CSO basin and provide Primary Treatment screenings down to 4mm; and disinfection with sodium hypo-chlorite to meet IDEM standards.  Each unit is designed to handle a peak flow of 42-mgd with a hydraulic retention time of 9 minutes at peak flow.

These will be the first installation of this technology in Indiana.  Hydro International has fifteen similar facilities throughout the U.S. with the longest in operation since 1945.

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