Download PDF:: Cascade Aerator – Smallberry

How Low Can You Go?

The Smallberry Low-Profile Cascade Aerator (LPCA) manufactured by Jim Myers and Sons is a free flowing, efficient, packaged, channel type aeration device that can be installed in new or existing treatment facilities at an economical cost.  The purpose of this unit is for raising the dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration level at the outfall of the WWTP.  Contrary to prior cascade designs, where water falls steeply from step to step, requiring great depth for installation, the LPCA utilizes slopes of less than 5.5 degrees.  Each channel is fitted with a series of turbulence-control aeration baffles and air-induction plates.  The refined, small air bubbles and mixing created by natural gravitational forces through controlled velocity, pressure differentials, baffles, air induction plates and controlled head make the LPCA the most efficient and economical method for post aeration.

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