Golden Harvest Level Control Gates

Level Control with only 1.5” of Headloss!

 The Golden Harvest, Inc. Model GH-9000 level control gate utilizes force-balance control to automatically maintain a constant upstream water level at any given discharge while minimizing headloss.  Sizes and materials of construction are available to meet a wide variety of flow control needs ranging from almost zero to 2000 cfs.  The gate nearly closes at low discharge and progressively opens as the flow increases.  The gate operates completely free of outside power and after initial adjustment, absolutely no manual intervention is required.  The GH-9000 functions properly even when the tailwater level nearly equals the desired upstream water level, providing a solution to design challenges at gravity fed facilities when elevation is at a premium.

For more information on the GH-9000 click below:
GH9000 Brochure

Parkson OHxyPhogg

Fight grease and odors in your plant and lift stations!

 The Parkson OHxyPhogg odor control system uses patented air atomizing three-fluid nozzles for incredibly efficient fogging results.  The OHxyPhogg combines ozone, water and air to create hydroxyl ions that are efficiently dispersed throughout confined spaces such as lift stations, wet wells, holding tanks and headworks channels.  The fog creates a chemical reaction that reduces or eliminates Hydrogen Sulfide bacteria and other odorous compounds.  While odor control is most often the primary area of interest, the hydroxyl ion fog  is an effective method of reducing grease in most applications as well.  Additionally, the system is extremely easy to maintain, with simple cartridge filter replacements and nozzle cleaning.

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Parkson OHxyPhogg Brochure

Prominent – Peristaltic Pumps

The peristaltic (hose) pumps manufactured by ProMinent are characterized by their simple functional principle and their compact, robust design. The DULCO®flex series offers a large output range (0.26 gph to 230 gpm) and a number of different hose materials suitable for almost all applications.  Pumps for low pressures are equipped with roller technology, while pressing shoes are used for higher pressures.

Because of their design, the hose is the only wearing part which can be replaced easily and quickly.

Advantages of Prominent Peristaltic Pumps

-Extremely low maintenance costs
-Easy to operate
-Easy and quick hose replacement
-Can run dry
-Abrasion resistant
-Great for shear sensitive materials|
-Reversible operation

For equipment options click below:

DFB SeriesPeristaltic pump with pressures up to 116 psi and flow rates to 385 gph
DFC SeriesHose pump for difficult applications up to 116 psi and flow rates to 130 gpm
DFD SeriesHose pump for pressures up to 232 psi and flow rates up to 225 gpm