Parkson OHxyPhogg

Fight grease and odors in your plant and lift stations!

 The Parkson OHxyPhogg odor control system uses patented air atomizing three-fluid nozzles for incredibly efficient fogging results.  The OHxyPhogg combines ozone, water and air to create hydroxyl ions that are efficiently dispersed throughout confined spaces such as lift stations, wet wells, holding tanks and headworks channels.  The fog creates a chemical reaction that reduces or eliminates Hydrogen Sulfide bacteria and other odorous compounds.  While odor control is most often the primary area of interest, the hydroxyl ion fog  is an effective method of reducing grease in most applications as well.  Additionally, the system is extremely easy to maintain, with simple cartridge filter replacements and nozzle cleaning.

For additional information click on the brochure below:
Parkson OHxyPhogg Brochure

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