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The Parkson OHxyPhogg odor control system uses patented air atomizing three-fluid nozzles for incredibly efficient fogging results.  The OHxyPhogg combines ozone, water and air to create hydroxyl ions that are efficiently dispersed throughout confined spaces such as lift stations, wet wells, holding tanks and headworks channels.  The fog creates a chemical reaction that reduces or eliminates Hydrogen Sulfide bacteria and other odorous compounds.  While odor control is most often the primary area of interest, the hydroxyl ion fog  is an effective method of REDUCING GREASE as well in most applications. Bowling Green uses the OHxyPhogg in a couple of their pump stations. Let us know if you would like to check it out. In the meantime, get with us to sign up for a FREE DEMO.

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Warren County Selects Hydro for Grit Treatment, Trojan UV for Disinfection

 The Henry P. Thompson Company was successful in supplying process equipment for the Warren County Lower Little Miami WWTP Expansion.  The project is currently under construction having bid in the Fall of 2009.  The 14 mgd average design plant includes the Hydro Eutek Head Cell for grit treatment, the expansion of the Siemens Vertical Loop Reactor (VLR) and Tow-Bro Clarifiers for process treatment, and the Trojan UV 4000 Plus for disinfection.

The Hydro Grit System is designed to remove, classify, wash and dewater grit at a peak flow of 58.0 MGD.  The system includes two Hydro Headcell units capable of removing 95% of all grit equal to and larger than 125 micron in size.  The grit separation/classification equipment includes the Hydro Slurry Cup and Grit Snail designed to handle 280 to 450 gpm and remove 95% of all grit equal to and larger than 50 micron.

Warren County selected to expand the treatment process by adding one new Vertical Loop Reactor (VLR) and two (2) Tow Bro Clarifiers to their existing system.  The new VLR consists of four aeration basin passes each with a  dimension of 150’ L x 30’ W x 21’ SWD.  The equipment includes twelve (12) rotary disc aerator assemblies, coarse bubble aeration and two (2) 110 ft. diameter clarifier mechanisms.

 The Trojan UV4000 System supplies high intensity, medium pressure lamp, ultraviolet (UV) disinfection.  The system is designed to handle a future peak flow of 58.0 MGD while maintaining treatment performance of E-coli less than 126 CFU per 100 ml and less than 1,000 Fecal Coliform per 100 ml.  An automatic UV lamp cleaning systems is included which will operate without system shutdown or loss of disinfection.