The NEFCO Launder Cover System – a low cost solution to a very expensive problem.

Is Algae becoming more than a nuisance?  NEFCO Launder Covers are changing the way treatment plants deal with algae. In plant after plant equipped with the NEFCO launder cover system, once-a-week scrubbing has become a thing of the past and operations equipment problems caused by algae have been eliminated. Made of UV and corrosion resistant fiberglass, each launder cover is custom engineered to fit each clarifier.  Each cover section is hinged, opens away from the operator, giving easy access to the trough and locks securely in place.  Best of all, launder covers are maintenance free and cost nothing to operate!

 Functions of the launder covers include:

-Elimates Algae Growth
-Contains Odors
-Keeps out snow, ice and debris

Contact your local HPT representative and start gaining control over algae problems today!

Click here to view the NEFCO Launder Cover Brochure.

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