Trojan Technologies announces revolutionary advancement in wastewater disinfection!

Welcome to a new era in wastewater disinfection.  With the development of the new TrojanUV Signa from Trojan Technologies, no longer should large wastewater facilities feel limited to chlorine disinfection.  The UV SignaTM incorporates Trojan’s latest innovations, including the Trojan UVSolo LampTM, to reduce the total cost of ownership and drastically simplify operation and maintenance.  It is the ideal solution for large plants wanting to easily and cost-effectively convert from chlorine to UV disinfection.  Key benefits of the UV SignaTM and UVSolo LampTM include:

-State-of-the-art lamp drivers enable lamp dimming from 100 to 30% power and has built-in diagnostic capabilities for easy troubleshooting.
-Staggered and inclined lamp arrangements, developed through CFD analysis, maximize disinfection performance.
-Chemical and mechanical sleeve cleaning from the dual action ActiCleanTM system provides superior, automatic sleeve cleaning and fouling removal.
-Lamp change-outs and routine maintenance can now be done while leaving the modules in the channel – minimizing downtime and simplifying operation.
-The Hydraulic profile, UV modules and ancillary equipment designed to fit within chlorine contact tanks make the upgrade to UV simple and cost-effective.

Contact us today and find out how your wastewater treatment plant can benefit from the Trojan UV SignaTM.

Click here to view the TrojanUV Signa brochure.


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