Spare Parts & Service

HPT is the one stop for parts and service on many products, like

-Parkson AquaGuard™ Screens
-JWC Muffin Monsters™, Channel Monsters™, and Auger Monsters™
-Prominent Chemical Feed Pumps
-Goulds and Allis Chalmers Water pumps
-All Envirex products, like Chain and Flight Collectors, Travelling Water Screens, and         circular clarifiers
-TrojanUV systems

Our complete list of companies is attached in our HPT Accounts List. Contact Debbie for parts and service.

Debbie Durchholz
Ph: 513-248-3206


NEFCO Launder Covers

NEFCO Launder Covers – a look under the covers after 5 years at Delaware, OH WWTP  –Follow the link below to effective control of algae on weirs and effluent lauders.

Nefco Launder Cover System








Finished NEFCO installation








Delaware, OH WWTP-Underneath, 5 years later



Featured Products

Parkson MaximOS
Parkson MaximOS – Provides on-site generation of hypochlorite, provides mixed oxidants for lower THM’s, provides superior treatment for large distribution systems, reduces operating costs and can also be used for controlling algae and filamentous growth.  Please read the case studies in the attached links.

Parkson MaximOS WWTP
Parkson MaximOS Cedar Knox Rural Water
Parkson MaximOS Las Vegas Water
Parkson MaximOS Santa Fe Water



JWC-Muffin Monster manhole
Dig one hold and be done!

Click here for more information.











Excelsior Blowers
Excelsior Blowers with Exclusive Sound Enclosures-Allen Co. Ohio.






Excelsior Blower Systems


Boonville, IN CSO Facility-UPDATE

Boonville, IN CSO Facility – Primary Equivalency and 4mm screening for 8 cents per gallon from Hydro International.  Please see new facility picture and details
in the attached link.