Parkson announces redesign for the Aqua-Guard Screen with 50% better capture rate!

Parkson Corporation has introduced a newly redesigned Aqua Guard®. The new screen, called Aqua Guard® UltraClean™, showed a capture rate improvement of over 50%. Operators applaud the new features of the screen as being easier to operate and maintain, and requiring less work.

The new system is the result of an extensive research and development effort undertaken on the Aqua Guard®, one of Parkson’s most popular and longest-running product lines. The new features will be included on all new Aqua Guard® UltraClean™ installations and will be available as modifications to existing screen systems, through a relatively simple replacement operation.

In a real-world test, Parkson engineers installed the new equipment on one Aqua Guard® screen, operating alongside a unit using the previous configuration at a working treatment plant. The side-by-side comparison revealed that the new equipment significantly improved capture rate efficiency and was easier to maintain than the original design.

Please contact your HPT sales representative for further details.


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