New Parkson Aqua Guard® UltraClean™ Ultrabrush™

We are excited to share with you a new improved Aqua Guard screen and brush.

The UltraBrush™ is superior to the standard Aqua Guard® brush:

-Bridges have been added between the 4 rows of bristles
-Bristles are longer for greater penetration into the belt for better debris removal

The bridges double the effective circumference of the shaft making it harder for stringy items to wrap tightly around the core and inhibit small solids from adhering to the brush.

The brush design combined with the 3 times higher rpm (via a new brush drive motor) means the brush stays cleaner longer and is easier to clean and maintain.

Changing the brush has been made easier with the new Aqua Guard® Ultra Clean™. The brush is changed from the side of the machine instead of the rear.  No more reaching into the rear of the screen to remove the brush.  A video demonstrating the side-mount brush removal can be found by clicking here.

The UltraBrush™  can also be installed on most existing Aqua Guard® MN versions.  These models come in a split core design, like the current brush, and are changed from the rear of the machine.  Attached are brochures for the Aqua Guard® UltraClean™ Screen as well as an Aqua Guard® Rebuild.

If you are interested in Retrofitting or repairing your current Aqua Guard please contact Debbie Durchholz @

or calling 513/248-3206.









Aqua Guard® UltraClean™ Rebuild & Retrofit

Aqua Guard® UltraClean™




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