Hydro Expands Offerings – Introducing GritCup and SpiraSnail

Hydro International made an announcement at this year’s WEFTEC to expand their grit system capabilities.  The GritCup™ and SpiraSnail™ grit washing and dewatering system are the latest additions to Hydro’s line of Advanced Grit Removal. The GritCup™ and SpiraSnail™ uses many of the best design features found in Hydro’s advanced grit removal systems. The free vortex washing in the GritCup™ provides highly effective grit washing reminiscent of the Eutek TeaCup® and SlurryCup™. The SpiraSnail™ clarifier design is based on the same hydraulic principles as the Eutek HeadCell® utilizing the conical shape to provide the surface area required to remove fine grit particles. The end result is a system that offers cost-effective automated grit washing and dewatering with no water requirement.

The GritCup™ and SpiraSnail™ are designed for plants with peak flows up to 10 mgd. The system is guaranteed to capture 90% of all grit 106 micron and larger with less than 20% volatile solids and greater than 60% total solids in output grit.

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