New Cerlic O2X DUO with O2O Optical Electrode

Introducing the Cerlic O2X DUO submersible Dissolved Oxygen Sensor for continuous measurement of DO (with temperature output too—at no additional cost): made in robust 316SS!

The Cerlic O2X DUO submersible DO Sensor can use either an O2O Optical or Clark Cell. Your choice to meet your needs! The Cerlic Clark Cell uses a teflon membrane minimizing fouling with built in temperature compensation to provide stability. The Cerlic O2O Optical electrode uses Phase Shift Technology for a quicker response and improved stability as well as a new focusing lens for improved accuracy. A new cap coating is not damaged by UV light like other current optical electrode designs. Both types come with automatic in place cleaning using compressed air or water to ensure a long life. The electrodes are replaceable in the field. More on the Cerlic O2X DUO is here: Cerlic O2O.









                         O2O Optical









                         Clark Cell


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