NEFCO’s Stamford Density Current Baffle Version 2.0

The first improvement in density current baffle performance in 30 years: NEFCO Stamford Density Current Baffle Version 2.0. Check it out on You Tube:

NEFCO has recently completed a multi-year CFD Baffle Design Study that led to the development of Stamford Baffle 2.0. SB2.0 is 30% more effective than the original 45o Stamford Baffle. The new 30o baffle with increased horizontal projection reduces TSS as much as 70%! SB 2.0 is the most advanced and effective DCB available today!

-Increased horizontal projection
-30° Inclination angle
-Integrally molded bracket
-Rugged construction
-Corrosion resistant
-5 Year warranty

-Reduces clarifier TSS by as much as 70%
-Reduces turbidity
-Improves hydraulic capacity
-Installs in half the time of other baffles


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