World’s Largest Storm King® Units Ordered by Boonville, IN for Primary treatment/disinfection

Shipment of the world’s two largest Storm King units took place on June 29th. The units treat combined sewerage for the City of Boonville, Indiana. Each 44 ft. Storm King provides primary treatment equivalency, 4mm screenings removal, and in-vessel disinfection to an e-coli limit of 235 cfu/100 mL at 42 mgd. Nine tractor trailer trucks were required to ship just one of the 75,000 pound units. The following link will allow you to download a brief photo sheet, with this announcement that is suitable for distribution to clients. A full case study will be made available once the project is fully operational. The download includes assembly photos depicting the enormity of the unit

Newark’s HRT Facility-Project cost is 50 cents/gal

The City of Newark started up their new 30 mgd High Rate Treatment (HRT) facility in 2011.  Wet weather flow is diverted to the HRT when plant capacity is exceeded.  Effluent criteria is a minimum 80% removal of TSS and 126/100 ml E. Coli. 

The entire 30mgd facility fits on a 65 ft x 195 ft footprint.

Major items of the process include:

1. Pumps – Five Flygt pumps, each 6000 gpm at 30 ft
2. Screens – Two Parkson AquaGuard™ Screens, 6mm, each 15 mgd
3. Grit Removal – Two Eutek Headcells™ by Hydro International, each 15 mgd, 12 ft dia, 904 sq ft surface area(each), 95% removal greater than 150 mesh
4. HRT – two 15 mgd Actiflo™ units by Kruger, 60gpm/sf
5. UV Disinfection – One Trojan Trojan UV4000Plus, 28 mgd

Flow Sheet

Parkson AquaGuard Screens

Prominent ChemFeed Package for DeFoamer