Eliminate Unplanned Pump De-ragging with JWC’s New Wipes Ready Muffin Monsters!

JWC’s new Wipes Ready Muffin Monster grinders shred wipes and rags down so your pumps can do what they do best-pump!

No other solution comes close to eliminating wipes related downtime, unplanned maintenance and safety risks.

Check out this JWC_Wipes-Ready Brochure and contact your HPT salesperson for more information.

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Parkson MaximOS
Parkson MaximOS – Provides on-site generation of hypochlorite, provides mixed oxidants for lower THM’s, provides superior treatment for large distribution systems, reduces operating costs and can also be used for controlling algae and filamentous growth.  Please read the case studies in the attached links.

Parkson MaximOS WWTP
Parkson MaximOS Cedar Knox Rural Water
Parkson MaximOS Las Vegas Water
Parkson MaximOS Santa Fe Water



JWC-Muffin Monster manhole
Dig one hold and be done!

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Excelsior Blowers
Excelsior Blowers with Exclusive Sound Enclosures-Allen Co. Ohio.






Excelsior Blower Systems


JWC Environmental

New Monster Manhole

Dig a hole and YOU’RE DONE!

The new pre-built Muffin Monster Manhole from JWC Environmental is a sewer system solution for cities, nursing homes, hospitals, jails and other institutions facing a stubborn problem – rags, trash and debris clogging sewer lines and pump stations.  The Muffin Monster Manhole (M3) includes everything in one ready to install package:  a pre-built FRP manhole; a Muffin Monster grinder; guide rails; access ladder; inlet and outlet pipeline connections and a manhole or hatch-type access lid.  The M3 is 4’ in diameter, can go up to 30’ deep and can handle flows up to 350,000 GPD.  The package manhole is bolted to a concrete pad provided by the owner and the inlet and outlet pipeline connections are made to fit the sewer line.  The FRP adds strength to the manhole while also providing corrosion resistance. The grinder comes with an immersible motor, automated controller and the industry’s best service plan – the JWCE grinder exchange program.