Prominent – Peristaltic Pumps

The peristaltic (hose) pumps manufactured by ProMinent are characterized by their simple functional principle and their compact, robust design. The DULCO®flex series offers a large output range (0.26 gph to 230 gpm) and a number of different hose materials suitable for almost all applications.  Pumps for low pressures are equipped with roller technology, while pressing shoes are used for higher pressures.

Because of their design, the hose is the only wearing part which can be replaced easily and quickly.

Advantages of Prominent Peristaltic Pumps

-Extremely low maintenance costs
-Easy to operate
-Easy and quick hose replacement
-Can run dry
-Abrasion resistant
-Great for shear sensitive materials|
-Reversible operation

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DFB SeriesPeristaltic pump with pressures up to 116 psi and flow rates to 385 gph
DFC SeriesHose pump for difficult applications up to 116 psi and flow rates to 130 gpm
DFD SeriesHose pump for pressures up to 232 psi and flow rates up to 225 gpm

Booneville, Indiana Selects Storm King for CSO Treatment

Download PDF:: Hydro International Storm King with Swirl Cleanse Advanced Vortex Separator with Self Cleansing Non Powered Screen

Booneville, Indiana has selected Hydro International’s Storm King with Swirl Cleanse to provide treatment at their two CSO sites.  Midwestern Engineers announced that a Notice to Proceed for construction has been given to Peyronnin Construction Company for the North and South CSO sites in Booneville.  Operation is scheduled to begin by the end of 2011.

Each site will comprise of a 44-ft diameter Storm King that will receive flows from existing CSO basin and provide Primary Treatment screenings down to 4mm; and disinfection with sodium hypo-chlorite to meet IDEM standards.  Each unit is designed to handle a peak flow of 42-mgd with a hydraulic retention time of 9 minutes at peak flow.

These will be the first installation of this technology in Indiana.  Hydro International has fifteen similar facilities throughout the U.S. with the longest in operation since 1945.

JWC Environmental

New Monster Manhole

Dig a hole and YOU’RE DONE!

The new pre-built Muffin Monster Manhole from JWC Environmental is a sewer system solution for cities, nursing homes, hospitals, jails and other institutions facing a stubborn problem – rags, trash and debris clogging sewer lines and pump stations.  The Muffin Monster Manhole (M3) includes everything in one ready to install package:  a pre-built FRP manhole; a Muffin Monster grinder; guide rails; access ladder; inlet and outlet pipeline connections and a manhole or hatch-type access lid.  The M3 is 4’ in diameter, can go up to 30’ deep and can handle flows up to 350,000 GPD.  The package manhole is bolted to a concrete pad provided by the owner and the inlet and outlet pipeline connections are made to fit the sewer line.  The FRP adds strength to the manhole while also providing corrosion resistance. The grinder comes with an immersible motor, automated controller and the industry’s best service plan – the JWCE grinder exchange program.


Download PDF:: Cascade Aerator – Smallberry

How Low Can You Go?

The Smallberry Low-Profile Cascade Aerator (LPCA) manufactured by Jim Myers and Sons is a free flowing, efficient, packaged, channel type aeration device that can be installed in new or existing treatment facilities at an economical cost.  The purpose of this unit is for raising the dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration level at the outfall of the WWTP.  Contrary to prior cascade designs, where water falls steeply from step to step, requiring great depth for installation, the LPCA utilizes slopes of less than 5.5 degrees.  Each channel is fitted with a series of turbulence-control aeration baffles and air-induction plates.  The refined, small air bubbles and mixing created by natural gravitational forces through controlled velocity, pressure differentials, baffles, air induction plates and controlled head make the LPCA the most efficient and economical method for post aeration.

Cerlic Portable Blanket Monitor

Download PDF:: Cerlic Portable Blanket Monitor

This handheld unit is a portable optical meter designed to measure sludge blanket depth and suspended solids in clarifiers, thickeners, aeration basins, etc. in water and wastewater plants, as well in other facilities.  It is possible to display measured values as text or as a graphic image of the sludge profile. Two different alarm levels for the sludge blanket may be set to indicate fluff and sludge blanket levels.  These may be displayed next to the graphic sludge profile.  The Blanket Tracker is able to store up to 250 measurements as a graphic profile, each with information about time, date, location, that may be named by the user (maximum 10 characters e.g. Clarifier 2; Thickener 5, etc).  Each profile also contains data about blanket and fluff depths that applied for the specific measurement.  The Blanket Tracker is delivered in a practical briefcase.  Battery life is approximately 2-3 years at normal use.

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