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Trojan UV- Chicago Case Study

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) – of which the Terrence J. O’Brien Water Reclamation Plant (WRP) is part of – has made a number of upgrades to its treatment process in recent years. The addition of UV disinfection has been a critical part of these upgrades; it played a key role in improving water quality throughout the Chicago Area Waterway System (CAWS).

The Terrence J. O’Brien WRP (originally called North Side) was built to serve residents in communities north of downtown Chicago. In operation since 1928, it originally treated sewage for a population of 800,000 within a 78-square-mile area, but now both the service area and the population are nearly twice as large. The plant now serves over 1.3 million people in an area of 143 square miles and treats an average of 230 MGD of wastewater.

A Need For Innovation

The need for change was recognized by the MWRD Board of Commissioners in 2011 when new regulations required the facility to add a disinfection process to their wastewater treatment system. With the goal of re-classifying the CAWS to allow primary contact, they set out to research the most economical and optimal disinfection technology for the facility.

After investigating various disinfection approaches and technologies, officials determined that UV was the optimal solution for the plant and application.

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Eliminate Unpleasant Rag Balls—Wipes Ready Technology Shreds Wipes Effortlessly



Eliminate Unpleasant Rag Balls—Wipes Ready Technology Shreds Wipes Effortlessly
JWC Environmental’s award-winning Wipes Ready technology was created for Muffin Monster and Channel Monster products to eliminate non-dispersible material from producing clogs in wastewater systems. This technology shreds wipes and rags in two directions, leaving behind small enough pieces that will not reweave into rag balls. The small pieces left behind will remain in suspension, preventing pumps from clogging and allowing systems to run efficiently.


Features Include:

• 17-tooth Wipes Ready cutters;

• Delta P side rails;

• ½-in. perforated drums; and

• Optimized cut control.


Eliminate your rag balls today—contact your HPT salesperson.

Aqua Rhino® In-Channel Escalating Screen & Aqua Caiman® In-Channel Articulating Rake Screen by Parkson

Check out Parkson’s New Aqua Rhino® In-Channel Escalating Screen & Aqua Caiman® In-Channel Articulating Rake Screen!


Aqua Caiman® In-Channel Articulating Rake Screen  

The Aqua Caiman® represents the next generation of articulating rake screen. The system’s flexible belt assembly handles large solids with ease and eliminates the need for bottom bearings. Teardrop shaped bars are designed for low headloss. True 100% rake engagement is achieved with the patent pending True-Engage™ bar fastening design. The True-Track™ chain positioner allows for rake engagement adjustment without a hoist. The Aqua Caiman® is designed to fit various applications and is an excellent choice for plants seeking low maintenance screening.



Aqua Rhino® In-Channel Escalating Screen

The Aqua Rhino® represents the next generation escalating screen. Manufactured in the USA, it is the most durable step screen on the market due to a direct drive linkage system that eliminates all chains and sprockets, and lifting blades and frames 50% thicker than leading competitors. Its robust design and advanced drive system provide high performance and durability in a cost-efficient package. A redesigned screen bottom and optional spray bar washout system significantly reduce machine wear due to grit buildup. Designed to fit channel widths from 20-84 inches and flows up to 75MGD.


Delaware County Selects TrojanUV Disinfection at their Olentangy Treatment Facility

Delaware County selected TrojanUV Disinfection at their Olentangy treatment facility, and in April, the installation and start-up took place.














In addition to the TrojanUV equipment, the county also added REXA Actuators and Golden Harvest Gates.

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